Friday, January 22, 2010

My sister turned 28 yesterday and for her birthday all she wanted was for me to update my blog. So Melanie, Happy Birthday, this one is for you!

I'll start back at Halloween. Audrey got to borrow Isabel K's costume and it was just too precious. Thanks Jenn! She was the sweetest little butterfly. Our neighbors had a Halloween Party and all the families dressed up for a costume contest. I think we should have won! I was a flower in a pot. After much coaxing, Chris finally agreed to dress up as a butterfly catcher.All the families had a theme (we were not the only ones that were this cheesy)! I thought it was great! If Audrey had a clue what was going on, she would have thought it was great too!! Chris loves us a lot and that is really all I can say about his attitude!!!

Family Halloween Picture

(Sorry Chris, I couldn't resist posting this picture. I left it small on purpose.)

Audrey got to meet her not-cousin Jack around Thanksgiving. Jack and his parents came to spend the night with us. We all had fun! Jack could have taught Audrey a thing or two about sleeping (that night).

These are my favorite pictures from Christmas. I love her little Santa Claus vest. We went up to the Hoover Rec to meet Santa and she was wearing this vest. It is a really cute picture. I wish I could post it too....Audrey in the kitchen floor will just have to do!

Santa came to some friends' Christmas party. Audrey did okay with him. Maybe next year she will love him!

We took a million pictures for our Christmas card. This was not it. Her eyes were too funny and I couldn't do the red eye reduction well enough to use this one. I think it is precious. Thanks Sally for helping me "stage" my tree. It really made the picture!
I can never get the stupid layout to look right. I have now given up caring. Sorry to the five of you who actually read this. I hope it is not too confusing.
Here's a cute, yet somewhat pathetic story from a couple of weekends ago. My neighbors' daughters were at our house selling Girl Scout Cookies. The sixth grader was letting Audrey play with her shoe laces while I was writing a check for my cookies. She asked me if it bothered me that Audrey was playing with her shoes. I said no and then she said,"why would you, you're not her mom." I said, "Um, yes, I am. I am her mother." To which she replied.... "Oh, I thought you were her sister." Now when Audrey is 20 and I am 49 this will be a complement, but when she followed it up with, "You look younger than my 22 year old sister," it was not a compliment! A little funny, but not a compliment! The funniest part to me is that I immediately began yelling at her that I am almost 30, which not four hours before had really upset me. I do hope I still have this problem when Audrey is 20!!


  1. Love it! Tell your sister thanks for me :) I've been checking your blog like once a week for a while hoping there would be something new. I'm one to talk though as I do mine in spurts going months at a time without updating... Audrey is beautiful and I know you guys are such wonderful parents!!

  2. Yay! Tell Melanie I said thanks also... can't believe it took me so long to actually notice a new post :) I think it is great!